The New Chapter of my Life

Starting Saturday morning our mom decided to log out the computers for good so we can enjoy life. We were happy about this because we were addicted to computer games for years. Ever since we were little kids  I think. Only playing computer and video games all the time is an evil amount of boring . These two addictions don’t let you have so much fun in life or be yourself, especially with other people. Starting last Saturday was our new chapter of life.

This summer I have done so much mistakes in the apartment that were hard to stop doing. In a new chapter of life without so much computer and video game addictions, I had the idea in my head that I was not going to make any of those mistakes again, I kept mainly in the summer. I was thinking in my head that I would have already learned not to do them on Saturday.

Saturday night I still made one of those mistakes even if this was my new chapter of life. A long time of taking pills defeated OCD a lot, but I still have more OCD that need to be defeated.I cannot wait till that time, because right now I’m having a problem with my OCD again. The problem is it was hard for me to let go of what happened Saturday night. It was hard for me to let go of it on the first day of school as well. Then I was making me miss out on lots of fun on the inside. There were lots more fun stuff in my new classes than what I went through last year and years before that. When I missed out on the fun on Monday, because of what happen in my brain I felt bad about what happened on Monday, It all continued this whole week. 

I’m scared that the amount of fun will decrease as days go on. This week in my classes , when we are going to do stuff, I really like to do. I feel nervous, scared and sad instead of happy because I am missing out on the inside. I was scared that the one small will destroy my whole life. It was also because of a teaching that a small  thing will have a big impact.



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